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Frameless Showers

Sophistication, strength and durability

It’s what makes FGS Frameless Shower hardware stand out from the rest. Whether you’re after a pivot hinged door, sliding shower or a minimalist single fixed panel, FGS has the solution for you.


Our shower hinges are manufactured to the highest quality. Whether Polished or Satin Chrome, or Electroplated Black you can be sure these hinges will maintain their appeal for years.

V2 Opto

The V2 Opto Sliding Shower provides elegance and sophistication, while being simple and straightforward to install and adjust.


Our shower brackets are suitable for a variety of glass thicknesses. Our brackets carry the same level of unmatched quality as all FGS Shower Hardware.


Check out our wide variety of quality shower knobs in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes.


Our shower handle range includes Towel Rails, "D" & "H" Shaped Handles

Water Seals

Water seals available to suit 6 and 10mm glass. We also have seals available to suit 12mm glass on request.


Channel available to suit 10 and 12mm glass.

Header/Bracing Bars

Headers and Bracing Bars provide structural support to glass panels where required.

German Sliding/Folding Shower

FGS Hardware have designed and developed a custom sliding/folding showerscreen. This is a unique option for a shower, providing excellent accessibility.


A variety of different shape and size shelves available.


Washers, Screws, Gaskets etc.