Balustrade Systems

Check out our extensive range of hardware to suit balustrading applications including Balustrade Channels, Miniposts, Standoffs & Clamps. 


Our Titan and Gemini Miniposts are the strongest on the market. Developed in Melbourne, these miniposts are manufactured from 2205 Stainless Steel. Now also available for 15mm glass.


Channels provide a unique system to secure glass for balustrading or pool fencing applications. We offer a wide variety of options to suit any design requirements.

Hand Rails

We offer a wide variety of handrails to suit various fixing options, diameters and finishes.

Glass Anchors

Glass Anchors fix panels of glass to a variety of surfaces, from timber to concrete. We can supply all necessary threads and accessories to suit your application.

Handrail Supports

We offer a wide range of Handrail Fixings for attaching handrails to glass and walls.


Suitable for fixing glass to square or round posts. Available for 8-15mm glass.

GA/BF Components

We can supply all individual components for our GA & BF Fittings (threads, washers, heads etc.)