Saheco SV-X Sliding System

Tuesday 27 November, 2018

The Saheco SV-X Sliding Door System provides a compact sliding solution that conceals all mechanisms inside the top track, resulting in an attractive and sleek design with no visible clamps or rollers. Suitable for frameless glass sliding door applications for both residential and commercial jobs, with the system able to support panels up to 150kg in weight.

The SV-X offers a variety of braking systems from a simple rubber stopper and retainer to the latest soft closing technology in the form of the new Softpro system, an exceptional solution for a smooth and quiet closing action.

The Softpro combines two nitrogen gas filled pistons and one oil filled piston within a single piece to allow for fully adjustable closing speeds and a progressive closing action which slows down the door as it approaches the fully closed position. The Softpro provides the best soft closing door solution for both commercial and residential applications.

The SV-X is European designed and manufactured to the highest quality, and successfully tested to 100,000 cycles in accordance with EN 1527/EN 1670.

Saheco SV-X Sliding Door Systems Brochure