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About FGS

Fethers has been around for over 140 years making it a company with a rich history and reputation, initially starting off in the Wool industry in the mid 1800’s.

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Where other companies established in the same era failed, Fethers grew from strength to strength, making it a strong player in the glass world. Now run by fourth generation members of the founding family, with a consistently hard work ethic emphasising quality products, they have kept Fethers alive.

Although Fethers did not initially start in the glass industry, it has grown to become one of the most dominant parts of its business. This is because the company still holds dear the same family values it started off with all those many years ago Hard Work, Quality and Respect.

These very basic principles are what has made Fethers what it is today, allowing its 90 or so employees to be part of the Fethers family. By purchasing a FGS product you too are becoming a part of our extended FGS family.